My Services

*2021 Update – Services for 2021 are currently on hold. However I would be happy to carry out a consultancy to point you in the direction of opportunities or tools which you can use. This can be a series of video based meetings, or a one off. To find out more please email

Bespoke Social Media Guidance

Personalised guidance for your businesses social media
Includes a social media plan and review.
All delivered in an understandable and straightforward manner, which looks to get the best out of social media for your business.

Email for more information about social media training and guidance.

Article & Social Media Content Editing

Copy and edit for social media or article and blog content.
Writing on a wide range of topics, from travel, tourism, culture, arts, marketing, shopping, news, features, interviews and much more.

Email to discuss your future content.

Audience Engagement & Development

Audience research, engagement and cultivation bespoke to your business. Helping you to tap in to trends, plan and deliver on engagement and marketing campaigns. Carrying out feedback research to help you deliver to your audience’s needs and gain insight into new audience areas.

Email and discover how you can be a better listener.

Social Media & Storytelling Training

Social Media; Training sessions on the basics of using social media for business or in a corporate setting. Mastering planning your content and how to tell your story in an engaging way. All taught in a way that works for you and at the level your businesses needs. Including how to make your content accessible to different audiences.

Storytelling; In today’s world your online presence is often the first contact a customer has with you. The Northern Storyteller works with you to develop and share the best practices so that you can draw your audience in.

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Design Thinking Visitor Experience Workshops

Through my work with international organisation The Tourism CoLab we offer a workshops around designing and enhancing the tourism and visitor economy. These workshops reflect the objectives, needs and values of your organisation and range from half a day, a two day workshop or to being project based.

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