Katie Anne Jowett

Me, Katie Anne Jowett

Interested in how I got started and my professional journey so far?
With over nine years experience in marketing, I have built up my expert knowledge from working across different areas of engagement, communication and audience development in education, business, the arts and the visitor economy.

Here is a brief and quick over view of some of the key roles which have kept this passion for engagement alive.
To find out more, and to get a more in-depth look at my CV please visit my Katie Anne Jowett LinkedIn page. You can also follow my professional writing on tourism, society and the visitor economy at Medium and with online international publication The Tourism CoLab.

2020 to Present. Visitor Experience & Volunteer Officer The National Trust – Hidcote Manor Gardens, Cotswolds
Hidcote Manor Gardens is a beautiful Cotswolds arts and crafts garden located in the village of Hidcote Bartrim. Established and designed by American/British gardener Lawrence Johnston before becoming the first garden to be taken on by the National Trust in 1947. My time as Visitor Experience & Volunteer Officer has been one of many unique challenges, having started a week before the UK went into lockdown due to Covid_19, I was one of a handful of staff not furloughed and who continued to support the property throughout the four month period until we re-opened to the public in June. Despite not yet being able to work in the area I was employed in, I have supported the Hidcote team through my wide range of skills, carrying out the daily social media engagement from March until present along with lead on the annual Hidcote Rose Month celebrations (with a digital campaign), assisting the Business Support team with enquirers and compliancy checks, I’ve even been spotted digging up a few weeds.
Since reopening I have been working as a member of the Welcome Team, welcome back visitors and ensure they have a pleasant and safe experience, been heavily involved in the planning and logistics of creating a safe and friendly visitor journey under the new National Trust guidance, managed and maintained the sign-posting around the property and carried out Duty Manager tasks.

2019 to Present. Katie Anne Jowett Freelancer – UK
You can follow my areas of work and interest on the Instagram account @TourismWithImpact

2019 to Present. Associate The Tourism CoLab – Australia
The Tourism CoLab is a tourism and visitor economy consultancy organisation who work with business, destination management organisations and governments to create sustainable visitor experiences strategies and frameworks. In my role as Associate, I support The CoLab in this work across the UK, at conferences, workshops and in writing for their online international publication The Tourism CoLab.

2019 to 2019. Intern and Marketing The Tourism CoLab – Australia
The Tourism CoLab is a tourism and visitor economy consultancy organisation who work with business, destination management organisations and governments to create sustainable visitor experiences strategies and frameworks. In my role as intern and marketing, I have had hands on experience in all projects and have managed all digital platforms from the organisation from June to present. Including a monthly newsletter, website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

2018 – 2018. Alumni Engagement Officer University of Huddersfield – England
Engaging and networking with the University of Huddersfield’s alumni through the University’s social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. Carrying out and implementing communication and engagement strategies; digital marketing campaigns and social media data reports.

2014 – 2018. Social Media and Audience Development Consultant – Scotland/Cumbria
As a freelancer I worked in audience development and marketing for small organisations, helping to boost their reputation and develop audiences.
Projects include (but are not limited to);
Audience Development Assistant – The Red Chair, Clod Ensemble (London based theatre company).
Marketing – The Four Mary’s, Playing Small Parts (Dundee based theatre company).
Audience Development & Marketing – The Death Pantomime, Playing Small Parts (Dundee based theatre company).
Social Media training & Guidance – The Lutwidge Arms Hotel, Cumbria.
Social Media Marketing Consultant – Encore Restaurant and Bar, Dundee Repertory & Scottish Dance Theatre.

2017 – 2017. Media Relations Officer University of Dundee – Scotland
Internal Communications engagement – blog, social media and weekly newsletter to over 20,000 people. Social media communications, planning and management of content for all outfacing social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn).
Social media training and guidance. Marketing campaign planning and implementation. Audience engagement and development – social media takeovers, interviews, featured articles and blog posts.

2013 – 2014. Vice President of Student Welfare Dundee University Students Association – Scotland
A trustee of a £6million charity, I advocated and raised awareness of welfare issues that effect the student population. Managing the Student Welfare website and social media presence, representing the department at strategic planning meetings and meetings within the local community. Media and press relations to raise awareness of campaigns, events and the organisation.
Event and campaign planning and management.

2011 – 2014. Online Marketing Intern Dundee University Students Association – Scotland
This internship began my relationship with storytelling and engaging audiences in the work an organisation carries out on a day to day basis.
Working in supporting the Online Marketing Manager, I was educated in using social media in a corporate setting, website development and maintenance; and copy editing for newsletters, articles, web and social media.